ICARUS E is an electrostatic filter for the extraction of air containing oil mists, micro - mists, vapours and smoke generated by machining processes, especially those using neat oil. It is available in three sizes (S, M, L) from 600 to 1.700 m3/h with different increasing filtering efficiency combinations, up to 99,97% (with the use of HEPA H13 final filter). Standard equipment of the system is made by an electrical control box, “CE” regulation compliant, including an obstruction alarm, power alarm and micro-switch for safety.

Working principles

  • Polluted air is collected thanks to depression created by a high efficiency centrifugal fan, mounted in depression on filters. In this way the fan cannot be damaged, since it works with clean air without any pollutant residual.
  • Air passes initially through a special deflector, whose function is to distribute uniformly the air onto filter’s and cell’s surface.
  • After passing through the metallic pre-filter (restorable) air passes through the ionizing section of cells, charging electrostatically, and passing then into the collector section composed by many aluminium foils, which holds firmly also the finest particles.


x guard optional icarus

Provides very high filtration efficiency, up to 99,97%, following the EN 1822 regulation. Useful in case of micromists and smokes.

h13 optional icarus

It is a high efficiency filter, providing a filtration up to 99,97%, following the EN 1822 regulation. Useful in case of micro-mists and smokes