ICARUS is a static extraction system for filtration of air containing oil mists, micromists and smoke, generated from coolants (both emulsion or neat oil), which can be used on most types of machine tool and for a majority of machining processes. Icarus is available in three sizes with flowrate from 600 to 2.000 m3/h with different filtration efficiency combinations, up to a performances of 99,97%.

Working principles

  • Polluted air is collected thanks to depression created by a high efficiency centrifugal fan , mounted in depression on filters. In this way the fan cannot be damaged, since it works with clean air without any pollutant residual.
  • Air passes initially through a special deflector , whose function is to distribute uniformly the air onto filter’s surface, assuring a proper use of the whole useful contact area of the filter.
  • Then the air crosses a series of filters with increasing efficiency up to more than 95% with polluted particles measuring less than a micron. Efficiency can reach 99,97% with the use of a HEPA post-filter following EN 1822 regulation. 


x guard optional icarus

Provides very high filtration efficiency, up to 99,97%, following the EN 1822 regulation. Useful in case of micromists and smokes.

h13 optional icarus

It is a high efficiency filter, providing a filtration up to 99,97%, following the EN 1822 regulation. Useful in case of micro-mists and smokes