Losma is a group that was born in 1974 to offer industries and manufacturing companies the opportunity to «work clean and breathe healthy».

A goal that goes well beyond the slogan, beyond words, to guarantee real benefits, such as savings, increased productivity, safety at work and continuous innovation, to the market.

In industrial production, the treatment of air and of liquid lubricants and coolants is an essential process in order to work cleanly and breathe healthily.

This is the real goal of Losma that has been producing technologically advanced suction and industrial air filtration systems of proven technical quality for machine tools for 40 years.




A wide range of products

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Losma range of products includes two different lines, one for air treatment and the other for the filtration of liquid lubricants and coolants. A full, modular and customisable range capable to respond to all needs deriving from the use of machine tools.

Commitment to customers needings
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Thanks to our 5 branches located in the most important international markets, Losma is always in touch with the needs of the different markets and of the single companies as well.

Constant technological development
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Our Engineering Division is constantly committed in developing new products and perfecting the existing ones.

High qualitative standars
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Technical innovation together with the several Losma patents creates technical quality and makes improvement of working conditions with machine tools possible.